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Shania On Tour 1998

By Jayne Twain

Shania during Auditions for band members.
Photo Credit:Shania Official Fan Club

Shania at Auditions

"I'm dying to go out there. And I'm also very happy that I waited, because the anticipation has been able to build. Now I have a show that I want. It's moulded to me. I've been hands-on with everything - lights, sound, the performance of every single person. I hand-picked my band. I auditioned everybody personally."

The Band

The Band Andy Cichon (Ex Rose Tattoo)
Brent Barcus - guitar - from New Orleans
J.D. Blair - percussion - from Houston
Cory Churko (from Moose Jaw),
Roddy Chiong and Allison Cornell (from Los Angeles) - triple fiddle/mandolin attack
Hardy Hemphill - keyboards - from Bangor, Maine
Randall Waller - guitar - from Sydney, Australia
Marc Muller - pedal steel and acoustic guitar - from Hackensack, N.J.

It all started in Lake Placid, NY State Olympic Centre

Rehearsals took place when the harsh winter weather would allow, after christmas 1997. Also with the release of Come On Over Shania had to try to fit it in with all the promotion she was now commited to.

"Unfortunately, we weren't able to start rehearsals in October as i had anticipated but we will be starting right after christmas." - Shania writing a letter to her Fan Club Members Winter 97.

Rehearsals Rehearsals

Shania spent early 1998 in rehearsals and promoting her new single overseas, 'You're Still The One'. She made visits to England, France, Australia, Switzerland and Germany. Then Just before the tour began, some fans and media people were treated to a warm up gig in Lake Placid.

The Official Shania Website Reported On The Event

Well the first reports are in and the word is that ticket holders for Shania Twain's first world tour are in for a treat. The Mercury Nashville staff was privy to a preview of Twain's upcoming tour in Lake Placid, New York this week. As promised the show is not about "bell's and whistles" but is all about music. The show, which is scheduled for approximately two hours, is a fast pace romp through Shania's hits from the history making, The Woman In Me and her quadruple platinum album, Come on Over. The show features fiddle, guitar, drums, keyboards, bass, steel guitar, harmonica and accordion all being manned by nine talented multi-instrumentalist. The stage is multi-level with tiers for each of the musicians and lots of room for Shania to move around.

After the preview the staff got a glimpse of the infamous bus and it does have a doggie door. Shania's dog will be on the road with her and in her design she wanted him to be comfortable, so apparently the animal has access on and off the bus through a cargo bay that leads up to the main cabin. Another unique feature of the bus; a bathtub where Shania will be able to relax after her shows


The Day Shania Rocked Canada!

Friday May 29th - Sudbury Arena

Shania kicked off her first ever world tour back where it all began, in Ontario Canada. She wanted to start off from Timmins but that wasn't possible so Sudbury was her next choice, a place Shania had lived, a place close to her heart. This was where she would give some of her canadian fans and friends what they had waited 3 years for. The show of their lives!

Shania spoke to the local press

An excited Shania! Meeting the press

The Concert Pictures - Sudbury Arena 29th / 31st May

sudbury sudbury sudbury sudbury

Scott Phillips of the Calgary Sun reported after the Sudbury shows.

We've read the reviews from Shania Twain's debut in Sudbury, Ont., last weekend, but how does the vivacious superstar feel about her performance?

"It's a very loose, high-energy, fun, interactive show," says Shania.

"There's a lot of audience participation. I've got a nine piece band -- three fiddlers -- they're all excellent performers and just so in to it.

"Our sound, lights and video are as good as you can get at any level. I want the show to be very fun, entertaining, exciting and unique, but without the sets and props.

"That was my goal and I really believe I achieved it."

Edmonton Coliseum June 3rd

edmonton newspaper

Over an hour after Shania was supposed to meet some fans backstage, during which she was said to be doing her hair, the petite country music sensation strode into the media spotlight. Was she nervous? "No," she snorted, shaking her head. "It's just adrenalin."

oilers shirt She was gracious and genuine when handed a custom Oilers jersey, which sported her last name and the number 98 on the back. "Oh cool, thank you." Just one digit short of Gretzky, in some Edmontonian's eyes.

Despite her small stature, she managed to welcome all her visitors with a personal, piercing, green-eyed gaze and a glowing smile so wide it made her nose crinkle.

The Concert

The music played for a minute, and then stopped. The audience was rapt. From the darkness, a husky voice called out, "Are you ready Edmonton?" Then with volume and energy, "I said are you ready Edmonton?" Shania waved at the crowd, in front, at each side, and behind the stage. No one was forgotton. "How's it goin', Edmonton?" Then she stopped the music in a heart-winning gesture. "I know what it's like to sit way in back, so here's what I'm gonna do." She brought up some people who were stuck way in the back to sit in the front. "Now you don't need your binoculars. I hope you make it down before the end of the next song. It's a long way down here."


edmonton edmonton

Calgary Saddledome June 6th / 7th

"Calgary, I'm feeling great tonight. I have lots of energy and I hope you can keep up with me all night."


While in Calgary Shania enjoyed some horseback riding, and a news story broke out about the tour t-shirts! "WHERE'S CALGARY? Something's missing from tour t-shirts" was the headline on the Calgary Sun.

Shania spoke to the Calgary Sun

"It's great to be back in Canada and it's especially great to be back in Calgary," she said. "I'll tell you, I've been enjoying the country here ... I've been busting my butt in a saddle."

Vancouver General Motors June 9th

Shania's final concert in Canada until her return there on August 7th.

NEXT STOP AMERICA! ........coming soon!