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Jayne Twain's Shania Zone

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Winter Special

Filmed on location in Timmins, Ontario and Miami, Florida.

Shania dreamed of this as a child. The warm climate of far away places, performing to thousands of people, who were there to listen to her sing her songs and watch her be the peformer. This was the day she made that dream a reality.

on snowmobile

The show begins in Shania's hometown of Timmins. Shania arrives on her snowmobile, explaining how close they are to the Artic Circle.

on jet ski

Shania is next seen arriving in Florida on a jet ski. Looking very cool! Shania tells us it was her dream as a kid to perform in Florida, now one of her dreams was about to come true.

On Stage shania

Shania takes to the stage and rocks out, pointing and smiling at someone in the crowd. Shania performs many of the songs from her world tour.

With Elton

Another dream of Shania's was to sing with Elton John. After a chance meeting at a London Radio Station, Shania Invited Elton to join her in her winter special. They sang "There's Something About The Way You Look Tonight" (Elton's song), a truely shania beautiful duet. Then they sang "You're Still The One". It was enough to bring tears to your eyes to see Shania with one of her musical hero's, and sounding so Incredible together.

with elton

The songs end to the fans appreciation of the greatness they just witnessed on the stage tonight!

arias letter

They end their duet with Elton's song Aria's Letter, from the album Aria which Shania contributed her vocal talents too. Hearing it live was simply amazing.


Back In Timmins, Shania shows us some of the places that meant alot to her when she was growing up. This was where she began her songwriting, writing about relationships between men and women.

on stage

Back on stage in Florida, Shania sings some of her biggest hits for her adoring fans.

shania  shania

Shania having lots of fun up on stage. shania


Back In Timmins Shania shows us around!

from this moment

After the Backstreet Boys sing one of there hits, Shania returns to the stage in a long dress to sing From This Moment On with the BSB.

From This Moment

Shania wrote the song for her parents. A true representation of how much her parents loved each other.

Thats where the story ends....until the next Shania special!